This page is the default template for the Sponsor Module. The Sponsor Module can be customized under the Sponsor Module Settings in Admin.  

From there you can: 

Set the minimum amount for each level and the benefits the sponsors receive. You can also name the levels to match you organization mascot or theme. You can also add up to 2 additional levels. To your sponsor program. 

Once setup, the Sponsor Module is nearly automatic. Sponsors can upload their images and make their donations online. Once you approve their listing, it will go live on your site. Then, with a single click you can send an announcement to your members about the new Sponsor.

For a full tutorial on how the Sponsor Module works, click here 

NOTE: If you haven’t already, you will need to activate eCommerce in order to allow donations to be made by credit card. You do have the option to accept donations by check. You can also accept “In Kind” donations for sponsorships.